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 That is the single most important concern I address with my clients - “Will there be enough to live on after the divorce?” Women turn to Cary Stamp & Company for a caring style of financial planning that recognizes their needs and affirms their dreams.

Cary B. Stamp, CFP®, CDFA™

“I will listen to you, look after your interest, help you plan to protect your lifestyle and create a thoughtful legacy. I’ll be there when there’s nobody else to ask. My goal is to give you clarity about where you are going and empower you with the tools you need to get there.” - Cary Stamp



Managing your money wisely means being knowledgeable about your options and making informed decisions. I help women take charge of their financial lives by teaching them the basics of wealth management and how to use their money to work toward lifetime financial freedom.

If business or legal matters must be addressed, the first step is finding the right resources. In addition to providing women with financial advice, I often refer them to legal and accounting specialists – professionals that I have chosen to build long-term relationships with because they live up to my high-standards and trust.