Our Approach

Stamp& Assoc-229WE LISTEN TO YOU

Great financial planners create lasting relationships.

That’s what we believe. So we act as a partner and financial advocate for our clients – women who are now in charge of their wealth.

We want to know where my clients come from and where they want to go. So we listen to learn about their lives, their families, and what matters most to them. By listening, learning and understanding their concerns, we can provide the care, support and guidance they need to feel confident about their financial futures.

In the past, your husband may have had a working relationship with a financial planner and made money or investment decisions for the whole family. Alternately, perhaps you have sought advice from financial planners as your career and life have progressed.

In either case, you are visiting this site – possibly upon a referral – because you are seeking more financial knowledge or a new style of working relationship with a financial advisor.

This we know: you don’t want to plan your financial future with a salesman. Happily for you, we are not brokers hungry for a commission. We are counselors, advisors and consultants, to women who seek greater understanding of financial matters, often in response to a life event such as a divorce or the passing of a loved one. There is no product pushing here, no sales quotas to be met.

We think relationships are so crucial in financial planning that we assign an additional relationship manager to each client to make sure that you are still well cared for and respected. We have structured our company to give Palm Beach County women a superb experience in financial planning.

Respect. Patience. Attention to your needs. This is what a financial planner should provide you with, especially when you face major money decisions. You need to feel right about the choices you are making; you need to make the choices that are right for you.

We invite you to contact us for a no-strings-attached, no-obligation initial meeting to find out if we are the right financial planners for you.